Slack is our main communication tool at Monito and below are a few guidelines we follow to make sure we can have constructive and efficient discussions while keeping interruptions and noise to a minimum

<aside> 🙏 Please set-up your Slack profile with a picture of you and your phone number.


Keep discussions channel-specific

Make sure to pick the right channel to post your message, in case of doubt, #random is a safe bet.

Fewer messages means fewer interruptions

Use Slack statuses to share your whereabouts.

As a general rule, your colleagues should be able to know if you are available or when you will be back by looking at your statuses or calendar, but you don’t need to send a message on #office to indicate at what time you’ll be at the office or when you’re back after your lunch break. Only send a message when you’ll be offline for a few hours (~3 hours or more) during standard working hours.

<aside> 💡 PRO TIP : Use Cmd + Maj + Y to set your status and after how long it should cle


Not every discussion should happen on Slack.

ClickUp is where we discuss product tasks and prioritization, comments on a Google Doc or a Notion are an effective collaboration technique and sometimes, a call or an in-person discussion is the quickest way to solve an issue.

Avoid slack-bombing

Write a single message rather than a “Hey” followed by your question 30 seconds later.

A reaction emoji is sometimes enough

A well chosen reaction emoji is worth a thousand words. When you feel it’s appropriate, you can use them to say:

👍 I approve this message / This is great 👌 Ok, perfect! ⏰ I’ve set-up a reminder to look into this later 👀 I’m looking into it ✔ It’s done 🙏 Thank you