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<aside> ℹ️ This is the public version of our Monito Handbook (June 2020 version), with only a few aspects containing personal or confidential information that have been removed.


From the values guiding how we work to how we take days off or share feedback with one another, this handbook is a central place for everything one needs to know when working at Monito.

This is a living document that is updated with the learning we make working with new people and running a startup.

This handbook is intended for those who still need to decide to join our team, those who just did and need help getting started, and those who did a long time ago and need to find specific information.

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First, a bit of history

Monito's founders: Pascal, Laurent and François

Monito's founders: Pascal, Laurent and François

We founded Monito to tackle the excessive costs of transferring money across borders. Our three founders, François, Laurent and Pascal, were personally confronted with this issue in different ways.

François and Pascal (yes, they're brothers!) first encountered high fees when they started sending money to Cameroon to fund the nonprofit organization they created as kids. Laurent first confronted the problem while receiving money from his parents during his studies in Hong Kong.

As Monito grew, we chatted with our users and brought new team members on board. We discovered that our frustration was shared by millions of people around the world in different situations, from migrants to digital nomads.

Getting started

Welcome to Monito

The tools we use

Meet the team

How we work

Values & guiding principles

How we work

Feedbacks & Review

Meetings at Monito

Brand Guidelines


Work from (almost) anywhere

Perks overview


Hiring your next colleagues

Practical stuff

How to take days off


<aside> 🤝 We're hiring! Have a look at our open positions if you'd like to join our team.