At Monito, we take great care in picking the right tools to help us make our job better and more efficiently.

One of the perks of working at Monito is that you can get the laptop of your choice, all the accessories your need, and good noise-canceling headphones. You'll also get all the essential software you need to work, but also productivity tools or useful utilities.

<aside> 👉 Check-out our Pre-approved list of hardware and software tools and reach out to your team lead if you want to discuss adding new tools to the list.


Table of content

Essential tools for everyone

Those are the tools all of us use every day at Monito.


It's our main communication tool at Monito, check the following page to learn more about how we use Slack and find the first channels you need to be part of.

How we use Slack at Monito

<aside> 👉 If you never used Slack, here's a handy guide to get started



This is our project management tool.

The ****Product team uses it to coordinate the work on our product pipeline, from user research to development tasks and bugs.

We also use ClickUp as our content calendar and CRM for our partnerships.

How we use ClickUp at Monito

Google Suite

Your email address is the username of your google account. In addition to using Gmail as our email client, we are heavy user of the entire suite.

Google Drive

Everything we work on is stored on our company Google Drive. As a general rule, we prefer to work on Docs, Sheets and Slides in the cloud for easy collaboration rather than Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

Google Calendar

You can view everyone's calendar to schedule meetings.

Google Meet

Our go-to video conference tool.


We use 15five as a tool to have weekly check-ins, organize 1-1s, share feedbacks and give high fives to one another.

Feedbacks & Review


One of our value is to make sense of data. We want everyone at Monito to have access to our analytics.

We use Google Analytics that everyone usually has experience with and Mixpanel (an event-based analytics solution) for more in-depth analysis into our product.

Tools we love using